Gladstone is a rockin' ’90s tribute band from Worcester, MA honoring a great decade in music that continues to live on with generations of today and tomorrow. With their own hard-driving versions of '90s pop songs along with tight musicianship and energetic stage performances, they are a must see tribute band. Gladstone performs locally around Central Massachusetts and are available for booking at your event, party or venue.


The Groove Extension with the Rockin' 90's tribute Gladstone and openers Six To Midnite. 

11:45- The Groove Extension is back and more crazy than ever.

The 90's cover band (with a little harder rock thrown in the mix).

Six to Midnite is a rock band from Worcester, MA formed in 2010 from the ashes of the DRG. 

The show is 21+ and only $7 for a night of great music. TGIF!!

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Gladstone "Unplugged" with Jay Graham and the Keith McLinden Band @ Ralph's 

It's a cd release party for the Keith McLinden Band and they have asked yours truly to perform along with Jay Graham. Unfortunately, as our drummer Andy can't make it, Gladstone will be performing semi-unplugged; classic Mtv style (for the most part). But we'll still have some of those 90's hits as you may never have heard them before. The night will be topped off by an all-star jam. The show is 21+ and only $7

Gladstone @ JJ's Sports Bar & Grill 

Gladstone will be playing a FREE show on April 26th from 9:30 pm-12:30 am at JJ's Sports Bar and Grill.
The show is 21+ and will serve as great background music to the great food and brews you can have at JJ's.

Come one and bring all!



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